This is by no means a comprehensive guide to what paleo or primal eating/living is all about. Do your research, inform yourself! You'll find more resources here. Remember,  most important part of any diet/lifestyle is to make it work for YOU. 

What is Paleo?

Paleo is short for Paleolithic, which is why it’s often refered to as the “caveman diet”. The Paleo diet's is not focused on weight loss, however for many people, this is often a pleasant side effect. In a nutshell, the Paleo diet seeks to optimize health and reduce systemic inflammation, while optimizing nutrient bio-availibity by avoiding certain anti-nutrients present in grains and legumes.  A balanced Paleo diet is centred around eating whole foods like meat, vegetables and fruits and eliminates foods recently introduced into our diet, like grains, legumes, soy, dairy and processed foods, like sugar, food stabilizers and additives. 

The Paleo diet has gotten lots of buzz recently for good reason, it works! It has optimized the health of thousands of people, including me! 


What is Primal? 

The Primal Blueprint  was developed by Mark Sisson. He's got a great blog you can find here. Honestly, this guy has taught me so much, have a gander at his site.

The Primal Blueprint is a holistic approach to living a balanced life. It takes into consideration diet, physical activity, play, adequate rest and stress reduction.  

The Primal diet is very similar to the Paleo diet but allows for grass-fed/organic, full fat dairy, if  tolerated. The Primal diet also takes into consideration food sourcing, encouraging organic, local and in season fruits and vegetables as well as grass-fed, local or organic meats and dairy. 

 A Primal lifestyle includes well sourced foods, short spurts of fast activity and longer periods of slow gentle movement/play coupled with good sleep and strong community/family connection.