A little September link love....

Oh, man! I've been a little under the weather lately but wanted to wet your whistle with a few links I've been following this week (while in the comfort of my sick bed!).  

  • Start squatting and stop doing kegels: Women often ask me about Kegles. How many should they do? How often? How did the kegel become the 'wholy grail' of pelvic floor health? This one exercise fails to recognize the complexity of our most wonderful pelvic floor. This post summarizes many of the recommendations I share with my clients. Katy Bowman also has her own site and iphone/ipad APP. Check it out on itunes! The best $9.99 you'll ever spend. 

Stay tuned for a new post on Pregnancy Tea's in the near future...until then, I'm going to continue to be a tea granny myself and nurture my need for rest. 


The Beautiful Cervix Project

Have you ever wondered what your cervix looks like? Curious about how it changes during your cycles? What's up with cervical mucus? How does it change as your hormone levels fluctuate during your cycle?

Taken from Beautiful Cervix Project

 The Beautiful Cervix Project is an amazing site I discovered this week. It encourages women to  check out their own cervix as it changes and has beautiful photos documenting various women during various times of the month.

Checking out your own cervix is a great way to become more in touch with your own fertility and menstrual cycles. 


Balanced Bites Guest Post

Check out my guest post over on the Balanced Bites site, where I discuss solutions to help trouble shoot common digestive problems during pregnancy!  

If you aren't already familiar with the Balanced Bites site, you need to have a peak. Diane is not only terribly cute but is also a wealth of great information. Her book Practical Paleo is among one of my favourite health and wellness books of all time. It's beautifully written, colourful, creative and is an excellent guide to a balanced paleo diet and lifestyle. I recommend it to all of my clients who are being introduced to the paleo diet for the first time. Diane and her friend Liz Wolfe also host an awesome and sometimes hilarious Podcast  where they offer up great paleo friendly tips, answer listener questions about paleo living and fill your ear buds with hilarious banter about everything from Liz's adventures in homesteading, to the latest New Girl episodes to what was on their plate for dinner last night.  She's also getting ready to launch her 21 day Sugar Detox book, which I'm anxiously awaiting. 

Thanks again to the Balanced Bites team! I hope to continue to collaborate with them as I start this crazy journey into the world of blogging and information sharing :)  


Primal and Pregnant: Beautiful Bodies

As a full time practicing Midwife,  I see hundreds of women each year.  It's such a privilege to put my hands on bellies of all shapes and sizes. I came across this beautiful video that I couldn't resist sharing.

"The Beautiful Body Project " embraces the true female form! I think there is a tendency in our culture to forget what  'real ' women look like. Even in our crossfit, paleo and primal communities, there is an ideal image of what a woman should look like. Crossfit gals are ripped, six packs are badges of honour, body fat percentages are 'optimized' and in almost every paleo or primal forum I've visited there are women trying to diet their way thin. I have to give kudos to women out there like Diane Sanfilippo, Liz WolfeSarah Ballantyne, Stacey Toth and Stefani Rupper (girl crush) who help encourage us to eat to NOURISH ourselves, not to SHIRNK ourselves into a pair of jeans best suited for a pre-pubecent girl.

Share this video with the women and men in your life. I can't wait to put a copy of this book on my coffee table and in my office.

A bit of Paleo Pregnancy Link Lovin'

Can you spot my 5 ft friend?

I've escaped the city and up at my cottage to enjoy my last weekend off call before returning to the life of a full time midwife. What a gift it is to be here!

The cottage is a small cabin nestled amongst the magnificent great white pines on a rocky island about a 40-min boat ride from the mainland. Needless to say, it's totally off the grid (powered my many solar panels) and it's my place of solace! Life is simple, quiet and reflective. Since getting here, I've done some garden work, moved some rocks, fought off a terrible infestation of flying ants, almost been bitten by a 5 ft fox snake and had to cook all the meat in my freezer because the old propane fridge died. Oh, did I say it mention it was bliss up here :)

I did some general web browsing this afternoon as I watched a thunderstorm roll in off the lake and thought I'd share what I found.

I love this post on Mind Body Green about preperation for childbirth! Surrounding yourself with positive stories and meditation are the key to a great labour and set the stage to become relaxed easy going parents.

Great tips from an experienced third time mama for increasing your energy naturally. 

I came across this post which describes one Paleo gal's informed choice not to do the 'routine' Gestational Diabetes test in her pregnancy. She chronicles her decision making process and I think it's a great reminder to everyone that "standard" medical tests are always OPTIONAL. It's so important to take charge of your own health, do your research and ask your caregiver why tests are being done. Especially if they are considered to be 'routine'. 

This is an interesting study published in the June issue of Gastroenterology. It found that probiotics from fermented dairy products can actually modulate brain activity. This study brings new meaning to "gut-brain" connection! 

Finally, I found this recipe on fastpaleo.com, it is completely random, but I really want to try it! I am a total sucker for any kind of chocolate covered ice cream treat and just bought a popsicle making device! For context, it would also make a wonderful pregnancy/ breastfeeding snack!  

PS It's going to be a SUPER blueberry crop this year! Did you know that the first wild blueberries of the season have the highest content of antioxidants compared with blueberries later in the season?