Reflections, redirection and rejuvination

Can you believe it's been 10.5 months?! Time flies and as I find myself in a space of reflection, I'm realizing that for the past few years (or more), my mantra has been,  "I'm just so busy, there's no time".  I've been chasing the "dragon" so to speak, burning the candle on both ends trying to keep up with work and life.

Well, you know what happened? It caught up to me. Shocking, I guess I'm not immune to burnout and my body is protesting! After facing some real health issues, I'm re-focusing and defining what balance means for me. I'm  also re-defining how I can continue to give back to the beautiful world of women and families while honouring my self and it's own needs.

In the next few months, expect some exciting announcements, new posts and different directions. I've started my path towards becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist so I can officially add that piece to my practice and am psyched to share this journey with all my readers. Keep the questions coming, I love the daily emails I get from women and their partners near and far. 

Big love

Meg the Midwife (and soon to be RHN) 




These little people....warm my heart.