Eat your Boogers, Spanish Sunshine and Reflections on Motherhood

Hold the phone! It's May and I've totally fallen off the wagon with blog posts. It's been a busy spring here in Midwife land....I've caught a lot of babies recently and even squeaked in a week- long climbing trip to Spain (I wish I could have stayed a month!). While I work on a more intelligent post, here's a few things of things that have caught my attention lately. 

Mark Sisson's Post on "How to Establish a Healthy Gut in your Primal Baby ".  I've talked about this before but gut bacteria is a passion of mine! This is a good overall summary. I especially like the research about letting kids eat their boogers :) I knew there was a reason EVERY kid does this...hilarious

Megan Over at Detoxinista shares a great guide to help you get started with cloth diapers. I don't usually recommend them in the first few weeks when mom's are deprived, babies are clearing out all that sticky black meconium and it's just best to keep things easy. But, after the first few weeks, cloth is a great option and good investment especially if your planning on having a few more little paleo babies in the years to follow. 

This post on Mind Body Green is a beautiful reflection on what Pregnancy can teach you and how your changing body be a vessel for finding inner peace and acceptance. In celebration of Mothers Day today, check this article out. 

Finally, I connected with a lovely friend who is one inspirational woman! She flew from France to Spain to meet us for a few days of climbing. She flew by herself,  with a 4-month old baby and only carry on luggage (my packing hero!). Her baby was also insanely adorable!