It's my B-day Ya'll and there are some big things on the horizion

Fancy Fall days in the US and A

Hi Ya'll ! I feel like it's appropriate to say "ya'll" because I've just spent the past 8 days in the USA. Here's how it all went down:

After a long summer away from clinical care, I’ve returned to my lovely midwifery practice and had the pleasure of welcoming in several beautiful little babies into the world. It’s been busy, but a total joy to come back to baby catching.

After all the craziness that September brought, I decided to take a week off for my birthday and do some travelling! Well, it turns out that taking a week off is harder than it may seem!

 If you follow me on Instagram you may know that I just spent the first half of the week visiting fellow blogger and best selling Eat the Yolks author, Liz Wolfe at her homestead in Middle America. I’ve had tons of respect for Liz over the years and we’ve been in casual contact ever since I wrote a guest post for the Balanced Bites site last summer. Liz and I are in the beginning stages of a new AMAZING project! 

We also enjoyed some fantastic Kansas City Farm-to-Table

We worked our butts off and generally had a blast both getting creative and starting to lay the fertile groundwork for this lady focused paleo, primal and real-food friendly fertility, pregnancy and breastfeeding site. Thanks to Chameleon Cold brew and Pete’s Paleo for keeping us well fed and watered during the whirlwind visit! Stay posted for more updates about this amazing new adventure on The Modern Paleo Midwife as well as over at Liz’s site, Real Food Liz and on the Balanced Bites Podcast.

Earthy Fall day in Boulder Co

From Liz’s happy abode, I flew to Denver and went straight from the airport to Inspyre Boutique! Juli over at Paleomg blogs about this place all the time and man, did I find some cool stuff.  Everything is under $100! Dangerous. Very dangerous. From Denver, I headed North to Boulder to visit friends, eat my face off, hike and trail run in the beautiful foothills of the Colorado Rockies. The weather was chilly but we got some great days in outside. I spent my birthday feeling pretty blessed and well loved.

In short.....Happy Birthday to me