Where have I been?

Apologies for being absent! The last 10 days have been heavy workdays with lots of babies and clinic time. I added up my number of work hours last week and it totals 108! What does a 100hr workweek look like? It involves a few 24hr+ births, 12hr clinic days and lots of home visits. It's not always like this but needless to say, this week was a bit nuts.

Restorative afternoon row way out there on Georgian Bay. 

I argued "Kip" as a legitimate word...

I spent the few days attempting a social life, going out on a date or two (yup this Paleo Midwife is a single gal), and hanging out with my mom at our cottage. We gardened and played dorky games (see upwords photo).  I napped, rowed  my awesome Echo Shell and boy did we eat!  Not to toot my own horn, but I think I may have perfected fresh mint chip paleo ice cream. This is a very exciting and totally delicious accomplishment. 

I am currently working hard on my next post about crossfit/exercise in pregnancy, which was spurred by a recent article in Paleo Magazine (a fabulous publication I might also add). If you're out there and have questions about exercise and pregnancy, please send them my way! What do you think about crossfit while pregnant? Please let me know, I love to be inspired!