Primal and Pregnant: Beautiful Bodies

As a full time practicing Midwife,  I see hundreds of women each year.  It's such a privilege to put my hands on bellies of all shapes and sizes. I came across this beautiful video that I couldn't resist sharing.

"The Beautiful Body Project " embraces the true female form! I think there is a tendency in our culture to forget what  'real ' women look like. Even in our crossfit, paleo and primal communities, there is an ideal image of what a woman should look like. Crossfit gals are ripped, six packs are badges of honour, body fat percentages are 'optimized' and in almost every paleo or primal forum I've visited there are women trying to diet their way thin. I have to give kudos to women out there like Diane Sanfilippo, Liz WolfeSarah Ballantyne, Stacey Toth and Stefani Rupper (girl crush) who help encourage us to eat to NOURISH ourselves, not to SHIRNK ourselves into a pair of jeans best suited for a pre-pubecent girl.

Share this video with the women and men in your life. I can't wait to put a copy of this book on my coffee table and in my office.