Life is crazypants and I love it

Life has been a bit crazy pants lately. I was back home in Canmore AB for a few weeks and since getting back to the city I'venbeen working like a mad woman (it was a full moon) and generally a bit run off my feet. So, instead of burning the midnight oil trying to keep my blog up to date, I've been taking some time to rest, restore and keep my adrenals happy :) Stay tuned for the next post where I'll finish the Three Part Guide to Eating Paleo During Each Trimester. In the mean time, check out these cool links: 

Getting enough calcium? Don't do dairy ? The Primal Parent has a great post all about Paleo sources of non-dairy calcium. 

 The Adventures In Parenthood  is an awesome blog I stumbled across written by Megan Ward, who's from my hometown in the Canadian Rockies. Check out this post chatting about the sometimes less than romantic transition into parenthood. 

Paleo Green Lactation Smoothie Recipe  

Fermented cod liver oil in pregnancy? Yup, and this is why. A super post from a guy I wanna be friends with so badly! 



Happy Cavegirl at home in her natural habitat....