Baby Making & Beyond is here!

Our program is centered around our “Core 4” concepts: Nutrition, Exercise & Movement, Stress, and Sleep. These are the foundations of your journey to and through parenthood.

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Rock Your Parenthood Journey

Parenthood is...intense.

Getting pregnant is intense. Being pregnant is intense. Having a tiny human that depends on you completely is beyond intense.

And that’s not necessarily a bad thing - especially if you’ve got a whole community of wise women in your corner.

Women who have been there.

Women who happen to be nutritionists, birth professionals, scientists, exercise experts, and moms.

Women who bring you everything you need to feel empowered, supported, and like you’ve got this. From these women comes Baby Making & Beyond!

How does it work?

It all starts with the CORE 4 and builds from there!

Here's What You'll Learn in the Core 4:

 Nutrition module, we tackle the food, supplements, and dietary factors that will get you the nutrients you need for natural fertility, pregnancy wellness, and a healthy postpartum experience. We also supply you with recipes that contain important fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum nutrients!

Exercise & Movement module, we address new and surprising ways to move your body to prepare for conception, to maintain pregnancy fitness, and to recover postpartum.

Stress module, we give you easy, helpful, scientifically-proven strategies to reduce stress from fertility through postpartum. This is critical - and even doctors aren’t talking about it enough!

Sleep module, we teach you how sleep optimizes natural fertility, pregnancy wellness, and postpartum recovery - and we give you simple, proven strategies for maximizing the sleep you get (because sometimes, you’re getting less than you might like).

Then you customize with additional modules depending on what you need

  1. Hormones and Fertility (live) : helps you balance your hormones and support your natural fertility. Dealing with PCOS, Hypothalamic Amenorrhea , estrogen dominance, short cycles, we got you covered!

  2. Pregnancy (coming soon) : This is basically a TOTAL guide to each trimester….a full pregnancy handbook in one pretty little multimedia package.

  3. Birth (coming soon): Get ready to be informed and ROCK your birth, regardless if this is your first baby or fifth, you’ll find some really helpful info to get you ready for the big day.

  4. Postpartum (coming soon) : here we’ll cover the fourth trimester, baby feeding and early parenting. An ESSENTIAL for any new family.

Meet the Team


The Baby Making & Beyond program is the brainchild of our mom-in-chief/head question-asker (and bestselling author!) Liz Wolfe, NTP and Meg “the Midwife” Reburn, whose passion for supporting women in all stages of parenthood made Baby Making & Beyond happen.