All about Meg, The Modern Paleo Midwife

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My name is Meghanne Reburn, my friends call me Meg, or Meg the Midwife, likely cause it sounds kinda of catchy. I’m a Registered Midwife in the Western Canada.  I have an amazing job caring for women and their growing families. I couldn't imagine doing anything else with my life.

I've got my BSc in Health and Midwifery (Hons) and have been in full time practice since 2009.  I've worked as a part time midwifery and family medicine clinical instructor at two of the Universities in Calgary and am in the process of becoming a Registered Holistic Nutritionist.  Needless to say, I keep pretty busy.

I love my job and the places it's brought me. I've worked in a variety of really cool settings and got myself into all sorts of funky situations. I used to run a small solo practice in Canmore Alberta, where, in the summer, I'd ride my bike from appointment to appointment. Right now, I'm between practices and will be working in my current town of Squamish B.C with the lovely midwives here. I love being able to climb, ski and trail run while on call...often bumping into my clients in the mountains! 

I'm a total country girl at heart. I dream of someday having small homestead in the mountains with chickens, goats, ducks with lots of space to roam, dream and adventure. I share my life with an amazing man, sadly, he's a Vegetarian but he does what's right for his body and that's okay with me. Meal time around our house is passionate and always a collaborative effort. 


I’m a total science nerd and have a passion for 'evolutionary' medicine. Cooking is the only creative outlet I've ever been successful at. I love chocolate and think about new recipes all the time! Needless to say, I thrive when cooking and creating chocolate recipes. I crave adventure and am happiest when I have lots of time playing in the forests, lakes, mountains and trees. I can't spell to save my life (thank you universe for spellcheck).  I think women are utterly amazing! My clients and their families continually inspire me to keep learning and help others to make positive changes in their lives. Learning to listen to the inner wisdom and guidance of our bodies is something I love to share.

“ All joy in this world comes from wishing others to be happy, and all suffering in this world comes from wanting only oneself to be happy.” Shantideva

This blog and website are all a part of a journey of discovery I’ve been embarking on for the past few years. It’s my hope it will give you some insights and reflections into what a balanced life means to you and your growing family. I hope to share information to help you reach your goals and maybe even inspire you to make some new ones! 

I’ve been incorporating a Paleo/Ancestral l diet and lifestyle into my life since 2010 and quite frankly, I think it’s the ‘bees knees’. I believe that the key to a balanced life is all about lots of movement in the fresh air, quality sleep and whole foods from sustainable sources. 

The fertile years in a woman’s life are amongst the most sacred and I believe that creating new life is a blessing. I'm honoured to help women and their families navigate their road into motherhood, no matter how they get there. I believe that the cornerstone of a healthy parent is a healthy diet and balanced life.  If we really are what we eat then don’t we want to give our babies the very best start at being AWESOME healthy little beings?

It’s my hope that I can help you navigate your journey and help provide solid evidence-based advice for you to become a happy healthy paleo CaveMama!