Downsizing for a few months. When less is more!

This is me, after almost 26hrs on my feet....a good reason why this busy little midwife is downsizing.....but just for a little while! #selflove

This is me, after almost 26hrs on my feet....a good reason why this busy little midwife is downsizing.....but just for a little while! #selflove

Change is a beautiful thing! However, with all the changes in my life lately I just don't have time to update this wonderful blog all that often. So, in an effort to simplify, right now I'll just be working on Baby Making and Beyond and putting Modern Paleo Midwife on hold.

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Meg the Midwife


Meg the Midwife...on the move

As some of you have noticed, (thanks for the email's btw!), I have been totally MIA (missing in action) recently. There have been a lot of exciting changes happening in my world. I packed up my house and moved to Vancouver. I closed my private practice in the Canadian Rockies and am getting ready to start with a new clinic here on the coast. And, I undertook some pretty serious  renovations on my new condo....needless to say, this has honestly been one of the most stressful, although wonderful, times of my life. I'm totally fried and with only one week left until I start my new job, I'm really thinking a lot about self care during tumultuous times of prolonged stress, lack of sleep and transition....sound familiar postpartum moms? 

Anytime we undergo a life transition it can be unsettling. Lack of sleep, atypical eating patterns and a nervous system that is dominated by sympathetic activation (aka always in fight or flight) can take it's toll on your body. I thought I'd write a little post about strategies I've used to stay as grounded as possible after three weeks of hard times.

Aside from an INSANE amount of retail therapy I've engaged in, I've been focusing on controlling the things that I CAN control. During times of transition, it's pretty common to feel totally out of control of your life. However, there are some choices you can make everyday that help nourish your mind and body. These include: food choices, a bit of daily exercise and how you choose to respond to stressful situations. It seems like an obvious trifecta of sorts but, sometimes, it's the simplest things that make the biggest differences.

This LOCAL super clean almond based yogurt is my new healthy addiction. 

Food: When your dominated by stress and sympathetic nervous system activation, your body doesn't digest or assimilate foods very well. This can lead to a miriad of general IBS like symptoms. Not exactly 'good times'. Support your digestion with simple whole foods that are easy to digest. Don't have time or in my case, a kitchen to cook in? No problem, I pretty much lived off the Whole Foods salad bar. You can microwave the raw kale mix to make it more digestible and there are a lot of paleo friendly choices. Just watch out for any pre-made salads or stewed meats at the hot bar. These may be hiding a ton of canola oil, just read the labels. Here are the foods that have been my staples recently:

Kevita , my fav water kefir finally arrived in Canada. I've been enjoying this drink daily during the last few weeks to support my immune system and digestion. 

Kevita, my fav water kefir finally arrived in Canada. I've been enjoying this drink daily during the last few weeks to support my immune system and digestion. 

  • Fermented foods like kraut, water kefir and natural yogurts.
  • Gently cooked deep green veggies daily. I've been enjoying steamed kale, collards and chard once but mostly twice a day.
  • Lean organic, pastured meats such as flank steak, chicken and game meats. Nothing against fat but , fatty cuts can be harder to digest. 
  • Safe starches such as white rice, potato and yams. I usually eat these with a meal. Gentle carbs support adrenal and thyroid health. Avoid low carb! 
  • Avoid too many nuts, raw veggies, sugars, caffeine or processed foods, even if you crave them. They can be hard on digestion and sugar/caffeine is really hard on the adrenals. I did indulge in a giant vegan gluten free peppermint frosted brownie from a local 'clean' bakery but I chopped it into four and ate it over a the course of a few days. This way I didn't tax my adrenals with a sugar overload! I also enjoyed a daily little dose of coconut milk ice cream.....because that's just how I roll.

A bit of exercise. My normal routine was totally trashed but I made sure that I got outside to do something that I enjoyed about every other day. For me this usually looked like a trail run or hike in the woods or in the mountains. Some days I didn't have much time so I found some more urban runs, like the Stanely Park seawall loop here in Vancouver or taking the short 15min walk down to Kit's beach for a paddle in the ocean that made me feel energized and like I was connected to nature. Don't push yourself if you're tired, listen to your body but MOVE a little bit each day. Studies have confirmed that daily activity outside boosts all of your feel good hormones. Here's a great article from Mark Sisson that sums up all the spectacular benefits of regular time spent in nature. 

Choose how you respond to stressful situations. I've talked about this before but it is by far, one of the most important things I've learned over the years. Even when everything is out of your control and the pace of life seems insane, you can always choose how you respond to stress.  Every moment of everyday we can choose optimism, positivity and happiness over pessimism, negativity and sadness. We can choose to feel stressed or, when we start to feel the stress of life build up within us, we can choose to recognize it and release it. Over the past few weeks, I've just been rolling with it, knowing it will come to an end and laughing at myself when I catch myself feeling like a crazy woman. 

My sweet friend Laurie sent me a daily flower every morning from her garden all the way out in Halifax. Knowing you have friends to call on is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

My sweet friend Laurie sent me a daily flower every morning from her garden all the way out in Halifax. Knowing you have friends to call on is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 

So, that's my life in a nutshell right now. Just trying to slow down, ground and relax before starting my new job. I haven't disappeared or stopped working on Baby Making and Beyond....just taking a bit of a pause as I switch gears and find my groove. 

Postpartum weight loss: How to lose your baby weight effortlessly

Whether you're thinking about becoming pregnant, currently have a bun in the oven or, are already gazing into your new baby's eyes, the topic of postpartum weight loss can instil feelings of anxiety, stress and fear in many (if not all) women.

It's natural and necessary to put on weight during pregnancy. During this magical time, there are a myriad of hormonal changes that happen within your body. You produce human placental lactogen (HPL) which  promotes insulin resistance. This state of insulin resistance does two things, first it helps you increase your blood glucose to feed your growing baby and second, it increases visceral fat stores that will be utilized during breastfeeding. Both totally necessary and vital functions.

I get letters from new mom's frequently who are putting oodles or pressure on themselves to shed the baby pounds within weeks of giving birth. While there is no quick fix, magic pill or underground liposuction network, there are a few things you can do to help the baby weight fall off effortlessly. 


As demonstrated by Gisele...breastfeeding, the new celebrity weight loss plan....sorry, cheesy but I couldn't resist.

As demonstrated by Gisele...breastfeeding, the new celebrity weight loss plan....sorry, cheesy but I couldn't resist.

By far, the easiest way to lose your baby weight is to breastfeed. Remember that hormone HPL that helps you hang on to weight during pregnancy? When you breastfeed, HPL is replaced by Prolactin. Prolactin's job is to support lactation, reduce estrogen levels (causing freedom from menstrual periods) and mobilize nutrient stores to feed your growing baby. Prolactin produced during breastfeeding is an easy way to essentially 'reset' your postpartum metabolism. 

It's not just about the hormones either, your body requires an additional 500 calories per day to produce milk to feed your baby. It's kind of like natures built in weight loss system. Most weight loss experts recommend a caloric deficit of about 500 calories/day in order to lose a healthy and sustainable pound per week. In essence, breastfeeding is kind of like natures built in weight loss system. That being said, please DON'T starve yourself. Ensure you are getting adequate calories to support your body's recovery and activity levels. If you drop calories too low your milk supply will suffer. 

Balance your hormones

Ensuring your hormonal levels are balanced and stabilizing post baby is a critical part of weight loss.


One of the most common and under-diagnosed postpartum conditions is postpartum thyroiditis. This form of hypothyroidism (aka not enough thyroid hormone) is often diagnosed between 4-9 months after baby arrives and can cause symptoms that include weight loss plateaus, weight gain, fatigue, constipation, depression and irritability. Since these symptoms are rather general and may be applicable to ALL postpartum women, it's often missed. You're at greatest risk if you've been diagnosed with a thyroid condition before, have suffered from adrenal fatigue, have an autoimmune disorder or are under-eating. A simple blood test is all you need to check your levels. 


If you have suffered from PCOS in the past, aren't able to breastfeed or you're baby has weened early you may suffer from a condition called estrogen dominance. In hormonally healthy women, estrogen levels should be balanced by progesterone levels in ratios of roughly 1:5 on day 21 of their cycle. Having too much estrogen or too little progesterone can create this state of estrogen dominance which can cause weight gain, fatigue, cravings for sweets, trouble sleeping and thyroid dysfunction. See your functional medicine specialist if you think this may be happening to you. There are a number of supplements and lifestyle changes that can support a healthy estrogen/progesterone balance. 

Even if you don't have a diagnosed condition like thyroiditis, you still do need to take good care to support your natural hormone function to be able to effortlessly lose the baby weight. Here are some other things you can do to help get things back in check:

My fav CARB...the purple potato 

My fav CARB...the purple potato 

  • Eat Carbs: Low carb or ketogenic diets are in vogue right now in the weight loss world. For most women, the childbearing years are not the time to experiment with ultra low carb diets. Limiting carbs in your diet (below 100g/day) can cause a host of issues for postpartum women. It can stress your adrenals, tax your thyroid, decrease your milk supply and cause insomnia or other sleep disturbances.  We'll be sure to dive into the carb-conundrum and get into specific levels in the upcoming Baby Making and Beyond program, but for now, just be sure to add healthy paleo friendly carbs like purple potatoes, yams, squashes and even some rice into your diet.


Spend some time enjoying the small things in life.....stress reduction is a key part of a postpartum weight loss plan

Spend some time enjoying the small things in life.....stress reduction is a key part of a postpartum weight loss plan

  • Stress-less: Stress can increase cortisol levels (produced by your adrenal glands) making weight loss very difficult. Support your adrenal glands by following the recommendations in this previous post of mine. Limiting caffeine, practicing regular meditation and SLEEPING will all make the journey so much easier. 

Spending time exercising outdoors is a BONUS. Outdoor movement increases endorphins and dopamine levels helping you stay happy and balanced.

Spending time exercising outdoors is a BONUS. Outdoor movement increases endorphins and dopamine levels helping you stay happy and balanced.

  • Exercise: A little intelligent movement will support muscle growth and help sustain fat loss. Please, don't go crazy and don't start too soon. Start walking around 2-4 wks. After 6 wks, you can introduce some light weight bearing exercise. The best combination of exercise for postpartum women is lots of walking, a little yoga and some form of weight lifting, trx or body weight movement. 


Remember, it takes 9 months to gain the baby weight and it will take 9-18 months to lose it. Practice gentle loving kindness for yourself and don't sweat the small stuff. In the grand scheme of life, 10 extra pounds is a first world problem, focus on the things that really matter like family, friendships and being an active and informed citizen of your community and planet. 

When life gives you lemons.....

Finding a moment of calm in the midst of a busy day

Finding a moment of calm in the midst of a busy day

My post this week is going to take a slightly different tone. No hard science, no, "eat this", "supplement with that".....I'm going to take a step back and wax poetic about life and the choices we get to make each and every day.

Challenges....we've all got them. For some, it may be financial hardship, for others it may be the challenge of a stressful job, lack of social network or chronic illness. I hear from women all the time who struggle with adrenal fatigue, infertility or just straight up lack of mojo for life. So many of these conditions are exasterbated by how we view the world and our place in it. I don't mean to offend or place blame on the many women, myself included, who have struggled with adrenal issues and anxiety. I'm writing this post for everyone out there, who, like eeor, finds themselves shrouded in a little black cloud more often than not. How can we change the way our minds work so that we can welcome more pleasure into our lives? What do when we feel like we've been handed a big ol' box of lemons?

When one is handed a box of lemons, one has a few choices:

1. Pucker, grimace and complain wondering why you were so unlucky to be handed such a batch of bitter, sour fruit.

2. Juice those little babies and make some sweet lemonade. Wait, why stop there, make a lemon pie, make lemon tarts, lemon poppy seed paleo pancakes and heck go all out, make some beautiful lemon cupcakes. 

My point, aside from my obvious cravings for lemon flavoured confections is this; we all have a choice about how we want to view the world. Some of life's great hardships are created, in one way or another, by decisions we've made in the past, while others, like accidents or misfortune, we have no control over.

The one thing we certainly DO have control over each and every second is how we cope with the stress these little lemons create. Every moment of everyday we can choose optimism, positivity and happiness over pessimism, negativity and sadness. We can choose to feel stressed or, when we start to feel the stress of life build up within us, we can choose to recognize it and release it.

Sounds simple, right? Well, if it was that simple then I'm guessing the world would be a much happier place. The practice of becoming mindful and aware of your own stress, anxiety and tension takes great patience and repetition. In my case, it's taken about five years to work with my own  neuroplasticity. As a result of a lot of hard work, I've changed the way my brain thinks and responds to stress. I didn't read any books or follow any guru's methods or recommendations, I just simply made a decision to choose happiness, practice loving kindness for myself and release feelings of stress about things I could not control. 

Ask any of my friends, I still get stressed! No doubt about that, But, the difference is now I know when I'm stressed and I can consciously change my thought patterns away from negativity, towards positivity, creating lightness in my mind, body and spirit. The result, I smile more, even when I should be crying. My health is better, my sleep is deeper and I love my life. 

Meg the Midwife's Favourite 5 ways to create a happier verison of you

(even when you've been handed a box of lemons)

A little play can go a long way

A little play can go a long way

  1. Play. Find an activity, preferably outside, that makes you feel like a kid again. It can include doing something fun with others like rock climbing or biking (some of my faves), or playing a silly board game or do something more solitary like practicing headstands. Laugh, smile, dance and sing. Play makes us all feel good and turns our mind away from our troubles. 
  2. Give Back. Stepping outside of ourselves and giving back to others has an enormous benefit for both our communities and for our own sense of fulfillment and self worth. If fosters a connection with others which, studies have shown, is an important component of feeling content with ourselves. 
  3. Meditate. Quieting the mind and body can be like a grown up form of 'time-out'. Meditation teaches us to be still, present and in the moment. So often in our daily lives, we are focused on the past or driven to push ahead for some lofty future goal. Staying present has been associated time and time again with a sense of wellbeing. I practice a form of meditative yoga that has totally rocked my boat! This practice has taught me stillness and brought so much REAL joy into my life.  Baby Making and Beyond will have lots of info about how to get started with meditation. Our resident yoga guru Erin Urton will be your guide and teach you some easy ways to get started. 
  4. Gratitude. Studies have shown that feeling a sense of gratitude can drastically increase our happiness and protect us from stress, anxiety, depression and illness. Gratitude is easy to practice. Some people start a gratitude journal or share a few things that they are grateful for at the end of each day with their kids or partner. Even in the worst moments we can ALWAYS find something to be grateful for. It's an easy way to change your mind from that of a 'negative nelly' to a 'positive polly'. 
  5. Don't chase happiness. What? I thought it was about being happy? Well, sometimes it's a good idea to 'be' with your feelings of negativity. They are real and do need some attention. Get mad, get sad, get frustrated or hurt. Let the feelings move thorough you so you can release the power they have on you and move on. Practice gentle loving kindness with yourself. It's okay to feel every feeling under the sun, just don't dwell. If your feelings of negativity start to dominate your thoughts then maybe it's time to get some help processing them. Talk to a friend, loved one or a well trained therapist. 

What to eat when you're in labour

Just like a big day of running in the heat, labour requires the right fuel to keep your body working at it's very best. 

Just like a big day of running in the heat, labour requires the right fuel to keep your body working at it's very best. 

Labour is HARD WORK! Hey, they don’t call it “labour” for nothing. Fuelling your body properly is essential for any intense physical or emotional output. Labour is no exception. Your uterus is one big muscle and without a steady supply of glucose for fuel, it can become inefficient and uncoordinated. Think about a marathon runner who's bonking...she can't run in a straight line, she trips and stumbles eventually falling right on her face! Nobody wants to fall flat on their face...sheesh.

Here's the quandary, when you’re working so hard bringing your baby into the world you won’t feel like eating much of anything at all. This is when it will be up to your partner, support team or care provider to encourage you to keep up your consumption of the fluids, electrolytes and calories that are necessary for you to sustain yourself and your uterus in labour.

What to choose?

The best choices are things that are quick and easy to digest. Things that you can take a fast nibble of or sip of between contractions and won’t cause any additional discomfort or nausea are your best bets. You want foods that make it easy for your body to mobilize into fuel. 


  • Putting some of these pre-made energy chews into your birth bag is a smart idea. They are by FAR the most consumed snack I see women eat. Brands I like include, Honey Stinger and ProBar Bolt Chews

  • Or, you can make your own! Try Meg's Blueberry version. You can sub the blueberry for any flavour, raspberry works well too. 

Meg's Blueberry Ginger Gummies

These healthy low sugar gummies are a source of electrolytes thanks to the sea salt. They are a great quick snack, pick-me-up during a training session or or as an easy to digest labour fuel. The ginger can also make them great for nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy. 

  • 2 cups blueberries (fresh or frozen)

  • 1/2 cup boiling water

  • 2 tbs balsamic vinegar (or more water)

  • 2 tbs grassfed gelatin (find it here

  • 2 tsp sea salt

  • 1 tsp powdered ginger

  • Stevia as desired to taste 

Place the blueberries, stevia and balsamic in a small saucepan and cook for 5-10 mins or until cooked and have released there sweet juices. Transfer to blender or use an immersion blender (careful if your mixture is hot!) and puree until well blended. Return to pot. Mix gelatin into water and allow to "bloom" for 5 mins. 
Re-heat blueberry mix adding in sea salt, ginger and gelatin mix. Don't let boil but get hot enough to mix in gelatin. Stir well until combined. Allow to sit for 30-ish mins and then transfer into a silicon mini muffin pan or molds of some sort. Chill for 3-4hrs and enjoy! 


  • In the early part of active labour you may still be able to handle some solid foods. Glucose rich foods are easy to digest and don't tax your liver unlike foods that may be high in fructose like many fruits like watermelonapplescherriesmango and pears or applesauce.

  • Good Choices include: Fruits such as, blueberries or strawberries or starches such as cooked salted potatoes & yams

Be sure to add some salt to them spuds to keep your muscles firing at maximum capacity.

Be sure to add some salt to them spuds to keep your muscles firing at maximum capacity.

Electrolyte Drinks:

Try Meg's Homemade Coconut water "Labour-ade"

3 cups Coconut Water

1 cup filtered water

¼ cup lime juice

¼ cup lemon juice

¼ tsp pink himalayan sea salt or other salt

Add a few drops of Rescue Remedy also is a good idea to calm and soothe your nervous system

Don't have time to make your own? 

Pregnancy cravings. The why and heck, why not!?

I was recently asked by a reader about why she craves carbs so intensely during her pregnancy. Given that 80% of women experience pregnancy cravings, I thought this would make a spectacular next blog post topic. Please keep your comments and questions coming. Your questions inspire my future posts and direct my otherwise mindless evening research projects, preventing me from online shoe shopping purchases that I will likely regret. Who really needs purple patented leather wedges after all? 

What’s a craving?

By definition, a craving is “a powerful desire for something” (like my frequent shoe purchases). Food cravings can totally hijack your brain and consume your thoughts. This is a common and well documented occurrence among dieters who are restricting a certain type of food or calories in general. Why do cravings happen to so many pregnant women who are not dieting or restricting? Is there any science to help us understand this phenomenon? Well, according to the research, not really….but, here’s my take on the situation.

There seems to be no defined physiological reason for pregnancy food cravings, however, they do seem to have a sort of 'bio-psycho-social' paradigm. What do I mean by that? Research suggests that cravings, particularly in pregnancy, may be influenced by a complicated relationship between sociocultural factors, stress and hormonal fluctuations. Basically, we are complicated creatures and we sometimes turn to food for reasons that aren’t simply nutritionally driven.

To demonstrate this complicated relationship, let’s look at a crowd favourite ...chocolate.

Chocolate contains certain properties that influence our feelings of satiety and contain compounds such as tyramine, tryptophan and magnesium that act as mood altering psychoactive agents. Milk and turkey have these same compounds and yet don't seem to elicit the same intense cravings. 

"I just NEED to eat a turkey breast",  said no one ever. 

Here my friend Laurie demonstrates the power of a chocolate craving. Nothing like cake in the car.

Here my friend Laurie demonstrates the power of a chocolate craving. Nothing like cake in the car.

The answers may lie in our complicated socio/cultural influences. Chocolate cravings, particularly among women, may result from a combination of factors such as, a reaction to stress, hormonal fluctuations and modulations of certain neuropeptide concentrations but also from our relationship with food. For example, studies from countries, like Spain, where chocolate consumption viewed as a part of a healthy diet and is generally higher, report very limited cravings for chocolate. This is contrasted by American women, who’s chocolate consumption is more restricted or considered a "treat". American women report the strongest craving for this rich delicious treat.

In North American culture, chocolate, and carbs in general are often turned to in order to treat and soothe our emotional selves. It is possible that when pregnant, especially in the first trimester, when we might feel nauseous, bloated, tired and crabby (because of hormones), we turn to foods that are easy to digest (make us less nauseous and require less energy to process), increase our comfort levels and boost our feel good serotonin levels. 

Chocolate is also rich in magnesium. Pregnancy, the first trimester in particular, is a time when the body's demand for magnesium is elevated. Perhaps you're body is telling you it needs some magnesium? Satisfy the urge with some high quality 80%+ dark chocolate or mix raw cacao with some psyllium husk (great for constipation) and water or nut milk. When you make this cacao "paste/pudding" and eat it with a spoon (I like some cacao nibs on top), it will eliminate your cravings and give you a solid dose of magnesium, potassium and a shot of iron. Other foods rich in magnesium include: dark leafy greens (spinach in particular), cashews, almonds and sesame seeds (eg tahini). 

Craving Carbs? 

Carb cravings in particular, in the first trimester may also be a result of a few different things going on inside your body.

First, a more relaxed attitude surrounding food when pregnant. Women who were previously restricting carbs, a common practice in the Paleo/Keto community, may see pregnancy as a ‘hall pass’ to enjoy carbs in all forms and as a result may experience intense cravings for these starchy and/or sweet delights. I say, go for it, just remember to take your vitamins and don’t go ‘hog wild’ on sugar. Whole grain gluten free toast, pastas, rice, quinoa, sweet / white potato, squashes and cereals are your best bet.

Secondly, when nausea hits sometimes all your body can tolerate are carbs. They are easily digested, bland and palatable to most women who feel nauseated. If this is all you can get in, go for it. As I’m writing this, I myself am pregnant in my first trimester, nauseated AF and I’ve eaten nothing but gf toast/ bagels, muffins and pasta over the past 48 hrs. I don’t feel bad about it one bit.

While we are on the topic of carbs, I think it’s also important to recognize the biological aspects of carb cravings, aside from chocolate, in pregnancy. Your body needs carbs when you’re nourishing your fertile and pregnant self. Carbs are required for proper hormone function and once you become pregnant, your body becomes increasingly more insulin resistant as a way of increasing fuel availability to your growing baby. This insulin resistance can cause carb cravings particularly in the first trimester. More on Carbs can be found on my previous post, "How Many Carbs Should I Eat When Pregnant?" 

Craving Fat?  

Want really really good and good for you bacon? Don't fart around, pick up some  Pete's Paleo Bacon will change your life forever.

Want really really good and good for you bacon? Don't fart around, pick up some Pete's Paleo will change your life forever.

Many women experience strong cravings for the fat and salt. In particular, the combination of the two. This craving seems to be more prominent in the second and third trimesters when our body's increasing its blood volume. During this time we naturally want to hold on to excess water and building new fat stores. Just as carb cravings are not 100% biological, the combination of fat and salt have a real psychological component. This combination seems to activate certain pleasure centres in our brains, again, making us feel happy and satiated. I have had several friends who just couldn't get enough Cobb salad (blue cheese plus bacon = fat + salt heaven). Real Food Liz's most intense craving was Caesar salad...much for the same reason.

Craving Citrus and fruit?

The craving for citrus is another very common one. Like salt, it tends to become more prominent in the third trimester. Real Food Liz has been going crazy over pineapple and I have TONS of clients who just can't get enough orange juice and watermelon. What does this mean? Well, it could indicate a deficiency in vitamin C but I think that it could also be your body's way of trying to boost your natural iron levels in preparation for the inevitable loss of blood during birth and the postpartum period. Your body requires high vitamin C levels to absorb iron from your diet...maybe your cravings are trying to help you fill up on nutrients? Just a theory. These cravings also may be a result of your increasing insulin resistance in the third trimester. During this time your body is a sugar monster. It does this to try to create a robust baby who can withstand the stress of the first weeks of life.


Craving Salt?

Cravings for salty foods, in the first trimester in particular are often associated with the body trying to increase it's blood volume. During pregnancy, by 20-28wks, the body has increased it's blood volume by almost 50%!  If you've been suffering from morning sickness and vomiting, you also may need extra electrolytes. Salt, helps your body draw in more water. Go ahead, satisfy these salty cravings with some healthy treats like sauerkraut, naturally fermented pickles, a well salted potato/sweet potato, salty bone broth or some good organic salty cheese (if tolerated), US Wellness meats Grassfed Franks dipped in mustard are a client favourite. Stay away from excess deli meats if you can. They aren't the best choice in pregnancy and if you must have them choose nitrate free, clean meats (like US wellness meats), being sure to heat them well before consuming to reduce the risk of listeriosis.  

Cravings to pay attention to

While the most cravings are more or less meaningless from a health standpoint, there are a few that are worthy of paying attention to and telling your health care provider about:

  • Ice: If you crave the crunch of ice and find yourself chewing on ice cubes this is a strong sign of anemia. Why ice when you have low iron? Being anemic causes swelling of the tongue and mouth. Ice relieves it. That's why it feels soooo good. Have your blood levels checked and increase the animal based heme iron rich foods in your diet.

  • Chalk, dirt or other 'non-food' based items (aka Pica): These cravings may seem insane but women DO experience them. They often indicate a mineral or vitamin deficiency. See your doctor and don't eat chalk. It can be harmful to you and your baby.

What should a Real Food or Paleo Mama do about these cravings?

  • Eat carbs, just don’t go crazy. Aim for a diet of between 40-45% carbohydrates from a variety of sources such gluten free grains, non-starchy vegetables, starchy veggies like sweet potato, winter squash, plantains and purple potato (more on that little jewel on my next post). If you need a better list, check out this post all about carbs.

  • Limit your sugary treats. Notice I said limit, not restrict. Don’t deprive yourself. Deprivation only creates stress and will intensify your cravings. Practice portion control, enjoy your treat and then be done with it.

Meg the Midwife Approved Craving Busters

 While it's reasonable to 'cave' into some of your cravings, pregnancy is not time to fill your diet with garbage. Try to find good paleo, primal or real food versions of the things your heart so desires. Here are a few ideas to get you started. 

  • Watch out for refined or concentrated fructose sources of carbohydrates like sodas, sports drinks, agave, honey, juice and dates (in excess). Stick to glucose based sources of sugars such as bananas, berries, potatoes. Eating too much refined fructose can wreak havoc on your liver and increase stress within your body.

  • Consume your carbs with a fat or protein. This will slow the glycemic response in your body making it gentler on your system. Added bonus, your body will LOVE the combination of fat and sugar so hopefully it will satiate you and put a halt to your craving.


My Paleo friendly version of 'Cherry Garcia'

My Paleo friendly version of 'Cherry Garcia'

  • Baked hot Yam/Sweet Potato smothered in Almond, Sunbutter or Coconut butter and sprinkled with cinnamon (cinnamon will also slow down your glycemic response and balance your blood sugar)....feel the need for salt? Pop a pickle on that bad boy. No joke. I've tried it and it's a winner.

  • Full fat dairy or coconut based ice creams. Try my Dairy Free "Cherry Garcia"'s sure to satisfy your chocolate, fruit and fat cravings! 

  • Dianne has a great avocado based chocolate mousse

  • Yams, plantains or purple potatoes sliced thin and then either baked or fried in ghee or coconut oil. Once cooked, salt those tasty nuggets (duh!) with mineral rich sea salt or pick up a bag of Jackon's Honest chips. My fav is the purple potato...I'll tell you why next post. 

  • Real Food Liz's Pregnancy Cesar Salad (Recipe to come) 

  • Good Food For Bad Cooks Cinnamon Whipped Parsnips. Not only is this treat easy to digest and made from real food but, the cinnamon will help balance your blood sugar. 

  • Need salty? Jackon's Honest chips, Siete tortillas, plantain chips (fried in coconut oil or palm oil), a few naturally fermented pickles, or a simple half a potato with a touch of sea salt will satisfy most urges. 

I'll have LOTS more real food paleo friendly recipes, and a TON of information to help you optimize your fertility, have a healthy paleo pregnancy and nourish your postpartum body over at Baby Making and Beyond so check it out!

Probiotics in your Paleo Pregnancy. Meg the Midwife approved!

If you've been following me on Instagram or listening to the Fertility tips on the Balanced Bites Podcast, you've likely heard some chatter about the benefits of probiotics in pregnancy. 

Liz and I are going to have an ENTIRE section on Baby Making and Beyond dedicated to probiotics, just what to take, when, why and how, but until that program launches late in the spring of 2015 I wanted to share a brief run down of just why you should consider daily supplementation of probiotics during pregnancy. 

While it's great to consume probiotic foods such as raw sauerkraut, fermented veggies (carrots are my faves) and natural yogurts as a part of your daily diet, you may want to consider the addition of a probiotic supplement during pregnancy. Foods are great to support your digestive health but probiotics are even better to support your vaginal flora and the development of your babies bacterial kingdom. 

Not only do certain strains of bacteria found in your vaginal tissues influence the types of bacteria (harmful and beneficial) that will be found in your babies gut, but recent research shows that bacteria can actually cross the placenta and may affect fetal health and wellbeing. This is mind blowing research! Literally, it's blowing my mind over here. Previously, we used to thing that the infant was born 100% sterile. Obviously this isn't the case. 

Probiotics are great and here's why :

  • Reduce the chance of swabbing positive for Group B Strep (GBS) at term
  • Reduce the risk of developing Bacterial Vaginosis, a risk factor for preterm labour
  • Reduce the incidence of yeast infections, which can be common when your pregnant.
  • Reduce the incidence of constipation both prenatally and postpartum
  • Aid in the formation of short chain fatty acids, which are made in the small intestine. These fatty acids are key building blocks for your baby's nervous system and critical for your own mental and physical wellbeing. 
  • Reduces your overall systemic inflammation
  • May reduce your risk of gestational diabeties
  • Increase the number of lactobacillus species in your vaginal tract. These are associated with infant health and wellness and will form the backbone of your babies GI and immune systems. 
  • Reduce your risk of mastitis after the baby's born

What to take? 

I just became aware of this AMAZING new company called Hyperbiotics. They make a product called Pro-Mom's. This proboitic is a combination of 8 strains of high potency proboitics that are clinically proven to support a woman during her childbearing years. 

Pro-Mom's is awesome BECAUSE:

  • It's formulated with Kiwi extract which helps: Act as natural  insoluble fibre to support healthy bacterial growth. It contains an enzyme called actinidin, which aids in digestion AND it contains a polyphenol, which is a natural antioxidant. 
  • It contains the strains clinically proven to be beneficial for pregnancy and is highly potent, having just the right amount! 
  • It has a long shelf life and requires no refrigeration aka you can keep it in your purse.
  • You only need to take it once a day. It's time released.
  • It's Paleo friendly, contains no gluten, dairy, soy, corn, sugars or artificial anything 

Go out and get some! You can order it directly from their website and it's ON SALE right now

As always, check out Baby Making and Beyond and sign up for updates. You can also check me out on Balanced Bites where Liz and I will be sharing weekly fertility tips :)